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Visage dental team is committed to helping you find the right treatment for your smile,
protecting young smiles from decay to restoring dental implants

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Achieving your ideal smile requires personalized dental care. here in Visage clinics our doctors utilize the latest in dental technology through all stages of the treatment process, creating personalized treatment plans that enhance the natural beauty of your smile.

One of the most requested procedures asked of a dental office is tooth whitening. This is a procedure that will assist in removing stains and discoloration from teeth while lightening them. Tooth whitening can only be completed once cavities are treated in order to prevent the whitening solution from reaching the inner tooth and causing sensitivity. Also keep in mind that tooth whitening is unable to lighten exposed tooth roots, and tooth replacements such as crowns

Bonding is a common cosmetic procedure due to its relatively low cost and ease of application. It is often used to reshape or change the color of a tooth and fill in slight spaces between teeth. The composite material used in bonding can be shaped and polished to match all surrounding teeth.

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