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The device is the Italian DEKA and the laser type is Alexandrite.
First of all the pulse is the area that the laser occupies on the body and it’s a very small area smaller than a phalanx bone and each area has a known average number of pulses which may vary from one person to another.
For instance, if you choose to pay by pulse we will count the number of pulses you use and then we will multiply the number of the used pulses by the price of one pulse.
The reason of the pigmentation will be identified when you consult the doctor and he will examine your medical history to assess if the treatment is suitable for you and if it is, the doctor will discuss with you the treatment program and its benefits.
It affects the formation of the melanin (dye produce) as it has constituents to stop pigmentation so it works on stopping the produce of the melanin through damping the tyrosinase enzyme which is an important enzyme for the formation of the dye and causes the stopping of other enzymes which are responsible for producing the dark melanin and it helps in producing light melanin. Besides, it rushes the operation of natural exfoliation and thus getting rid of the melanin.
It is a treatment for the skin pigmentation which is used for the treatment of the following skin problems:
Freckles- Brown degrees of specks which appear on a woman's face caused by the change of hormones as a result of pregnancy or taking contraceptive pills. Speckles- small limited spots.
  • The increase of pigmentation after inflammation.
  • Dark speckles which appear below the skin.
It also works on increasing the beauty of the skin, it helps in the treatment of the effects of aging on the skin and the effects of skin damage, it regulates the excretion of fats especially in the fatty skin and the mixed skin, it works on decreasing the size of pores and stopping spots from appearing and it can be used safely on all the types of skin and at any time of the year.
First step (a full treatment takes place at the clinic):
The skin will be cleaned with an alcoholic solution to remove the oily secretions which helps in the penetration of all the constituents of the skin, then the melanin mask is applied which consists of some constituents with high concentration.
It is the injection of nitrogen directly in the head. The injection is done in the areas where there is baldness using small syringes 3 – 4 ml with the suitable quantity of nitrogen which should be cautiously and accurately injected in areas where baldness happens with equal percentages. It is not just used for the treatment of baldness but it is also used in other cases such as botox injections and other cosmetic procedures. For each type of treatment there’s a timeframe that the doctor specifies. It depends on the medical case and it varies from one patient to another. The Mesotherapy treatment contains metals, vitamins, anti-oxidants and some proteins that are nutritious for hair. The treatment can be injected by hand or with a special device where the syringes are put and then it injects the head accurately. This treatment is not a surgical operation and it doesn't cause pain. It also has good results most of the time and the results vary according to the patient’s condition. How is Mesotherapy used? Baldness is a widespread case in the society. For the treatment of this problem there are a lot of ways and means such as: hair implant, laser and others. All means are widely used. Mesotherapy is used for stopping hair fall and strengthening hair and its effectiveness has been proven. Before the Mesotherapy session, there will be a massage done by a special massaging device for a period of time that the doctor determines by steaming the head directly to make it more flexible and to make the injection easier. A check-up is done beforehand to determine the baldness level and the nature of hair. Then the patient will be given some vitamins which increase the blood flow in the head. Small syringes will be injected accurately in the middle of the head by hand or with a device designed especially for that. Injection by hand must be accurate and equal and that requires a lot of time so modern techniques and computers should be used to have the necessary dosage for the patient which appears on the computer according to tests and check-ups. And after the treatment you should not wash your hair for a period of time that the doctor specifies and you should avoid spray or usage of any cosmetics which contain chemical elements such as gel or dyes for a while.
The Mesotherapy treatment requires nearly 10 sessions and each session is 15 – 30 minutes long. The specialized doctors determines the number of sessions based on the nature of the patient’s hair and condition and after doing the required tests the doctor decides the number of sessions for the patient. In general the average time for men is 10 – 15 minutes, and for women the maximum time is 30 minutes. The first four sessions are done once a week and the rest of sessions are done over two consecutive weeks. After finishing all the sessions, the doctor advices to repeat one session per month for better results and it is called supplementary sessions.
When starting the mesotherapy treatment on the hair you can see the results from the first sessions.
  • Mesotherapy feeds the hair cells. It provides the required nutritious constituents by injecting nitrogen and vitamins directly in the head. The patient will notice the stopping of hair fall in the injected area.
  • The treatment grants healthy strong hair.
  • The treatment grants good intensity in the area where the hair falls and feeds the whole scalp. It also makes the hair thicker and repairs the ends of brittle hair to give hair the health, strength and thickness wanted.
The Mesotherapy treatment is one of the supplementary treatments like treatment with Minoxidil and some other medications for hair fall. The effectiveness of Mesotherapy depends on the patient's age, his health condition the degree of hair fall and its cause. The treatment’s effect usually lasts for 3 – 4 years while a lot of patients usually repeat sessions another time and the doctor specifies the period.
It can be applied for women or men but with specific conditions.
  • The person's age must be 18 – 55 years old.
  • You must take your parents’ permission if you are under 18 years and the treatment will be in their presence even if the treatment is easy and not painful.
The fractional laser is one of the most important pioneering cosmetic proceduress in the world. A special kind of superficial laser or profound laser is used for a better appearance of the skin and for the treatment of skin and cosmetic problems.
  • Acne Scars
  • Wound scars and marks on the skin
  • Wrinkles and deep holes in the skin
  • Burns effects and changes on skin surface
  • Removing freckles and brown pigmentation
  • Removing stretch marks

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